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Indoor Learning Spaces

Indoor Learning Spaces

Music Studio

Our playful music sessions place music at a level children can understand. They listen and dance to music, echo rhythmic patterns, learn their favourite lyrics and make their own music with instruments. Fun activities encourage them to be creative and to express emotions and express themselves in front of educators. This is great for building character, group social skills, relationships, and confidence, and developing respect for each other.

Art & Craft Studio

We have a separate, relaxed and playful space for art and craft. Here, we introduce children to the basic art and craft principles and concepts through creative projects that employ their hands, minds and emotions. This helps them develop valuable intellectual, social-emotional and multi-sensory skills. Activities include modelling with clay, drawing with crayons and making a collage from recycles scraps.


Sensory play is important for young children because it stimulates their senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. As they discover and experiment with the objects in their environment, they use all their senses. This develops and improves their gross and fine motor skills, and their co-ordination, imagination and concentration. Sensory play also helps to boost creative thinking and problem-solving skills.


Young children are keen to talk, making this a good time to help them practice talking and develop their speech and language. Our educators encourage meaningful conversations, storytelling and news sharing for children to learn how to communicate and listen effectively. Other fun activities include reciting nursery rhymes, singing their favourite songs and taking turns to ask and answer questions.


Our wide variety of games involves repeated interactions that attract a child’s interest and promote creative thinking, problem solving, experimenting and discovery. Repetitive experience help to develop their memory retention, as well as perception, attention and concentration, and therefore they can learn new skills, improve their knowledge and understanding. Games include sing-a-longs, learning to count, singing the alphabet song and guessing animal noises.

Manipulative Toys

Children discover how things work and analyse and manipulate them to solve problems. They interact with manipulative toys and equipment that develop their fine-motor skills, and as they use their imagination they move, stack, turn, bend, twist, screw or order the different parts to create new items. They also learn a lot about the objects, including the shapes, patterns and textures.

Dramatic Play

Dramatic play encourages children to pretend play. It’s a great way for them learn how to behave and interact with others. To help with make-believe, we provide items, props and play sets including costumes, kitchens and supermarkets like they see in the grown-up world. This helps them to become more attentive and develop empathy for each other, family and friends.

Workshop Play

Here at Olive Grove, children are hard at work! Dressed in workman vests, helmets and gears, they use real wooden and other child-appropriate tools such as nuts, bolts, hammers and spanners to repair building toy equipment and furniture. They learn about repairing and teamwork and develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motors skills. Occasionally, workmen visit us to demonstrate their work for the children.