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Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Learning Spaces


In this fun space, children who have never been camping or who love camping can enjoy some unstructured solo and group play while exploring the great Aussie outdoors and pretending that they’re on a camping trip. This section of the outdoor area is decorated like a campsite, and children can sit and listen to a story around the pretend fire.

Chicken Run

For many children, their favourite part of the day is when they feed the chickens. They love to pat the chickens and to mimic their sounds and movements. Through this activity in our safe, sanitary and enclosed chicken run, they learn how to care for and respect animals. This is a refreshing way to help children trust and love animals.

Gross Motor

Outdoor fun like climbing on play equipment, digging in the sand pit and riding a tricycle help to refine children’s gross motor skills so they can develop their larger muscles in their arms, legs, feet and entire body. Our climbing, balancing and sliding equipment influence this development through play. For example, children can conquer stairs, ladders and monkey bars.

The Red Earth

In respect and to raise awareness of the traditional owners of the land, we educate our children and educators to value the connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to our country. Our playground takes inspiration from the Kimberley landscape, with a blend of Red Earth, native plants, and environmental features children can explore. Aboriginal elders and local community leaders and educators are also invited to talk about Indigenous history and culture.

Sensory Path

This unique sensory path is a one-off design offering a surface that stimulates the child’s senses as they immerse into the different textures, shapes, colours and natural elements and plants along the trail. The path is strategically constructed to help them discover how different elements feel under their hands and feet. The turns, slopes and varied footing challenge their balance.

Obstacle Course

The obstacle course enhances young children’s agility, balance, flexibility, and muscle fitness for good physical skill performance through play. As they move through the obstacle course, they may climb, jump, run, skip, throw, push, pull, kick, swing, crawl, hop, bend and stretch. These games help to develop strength, control and coordination, promoting greater body stability and hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.

Mud Kitchen

Our eco-friendly outdoor kitchen offers a lot of fun connecting children with the earth. Here, they use their hands and utensils to combine dirt and leaves with water to prepare pretend food. This type of role play helps to develop their early skills in creativity, science and art as the children observe cause-and-effect and use their imagination to test out ideas.

Veggie Patch

Gardening provides children with opportunities for hands-on learning as they dig in the soil, get dirty and watch their seedlings grow. They have fun tending to their veggie garden and worm farm, learning new responsibilities, gardening skills and then discovering new tastes when they eat and enjoy the food they grew. They also develop greater respect for nature and the environment.

Outdoor Music

Playing music in our vast outdoor area is more fun than playing indoors, and it brings a lot of joy to the children. Out here, they have more space to move, dance and sing out loud as they express themselves musically, physically and emotionally. And because they’re outside, they have access to more objects to use when creating new sounds.