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Proof found that trees improve mental health

It has long been thought that living near trees is good for you, but now there is physical proof.
Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, found the structure of the brain’s amygdala – grey matter vital for processing anxiety – was more robust in people who live near forests.
Dr Simone Kuhn, a psychologist who led the MRI testing of the brains of 341 German city dwellers aged 61 to 82, found people living near woods were more likely to have a healthy amygdala. However, the correlation did not apply to green areas, wasteland or open-water in cities. His findings were published in Scientific Reports.
Source: The Telegraph, London. Friday 20th October, 2017

Comment by Olive Grove: Our Centre of Early Learning is eminently distinguishable from other childcare centres in that it has a large leafy playground with numerous native trees. There are 69 trees in the grounds of the Centre and the huge jarrah and karri trees come from the original forest that covered the area before settlement came about. This is the environment type the study by the Max Planck Institute reported above found to be beneficial to processing anxiety in humans. It’s got to be good for your children!